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Again, in all humility, I do try NOT to give five star ratings too often in order to keep such a rating for truly special books which have that extra element which distinguishes them from the morass of published novels. I believe this is one of the the special ones. The first part of the book is mainly devoted to world building, but succeeds in keeping the readers attention despite this as the world in question is incredibly vivid and detailed. In short, it is a world where three races of humans coexist: the matriarchal blue-skinned indigo who have come to dominate society and who control the best lands, the albino who make a virtue of keeping to themselves, and the patriarchal gulden who have come to resent the indigos imperialism. The book combines first-rate world building with top-notch characterization, gripping adventure and romance. In fact, the romance is so well done, IMHO, that it avoids many of the all too common clichés and stereotypes of romance in literature and shows how two seemingly dissimilar people can find one another, as well as the difference between being in love and finding a person who actually fits us.This novel also successfully shows us, despite its alien setting, just how easy it is for human beings to hate one another and just how difficult it is for us to love and to forgive.Finally (and as I dont wish to spoil anyone I will try to avoid being specific) the adventure is so truly gripping that there is one climactic moment in which one of the main characters reveals what he has done and describes this to a dried up old hag, to which I have returned to several times since reading the book, as it was so emotionally satisfying. Personally, I think there is something to be said about a book which can make you do this. As a final note, I would avoid giving too much credence to the books synopsis printed on the back of this particular edition, as it was only a marginally accurate representation of the books plot. Again, JMHO.

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